Parle Agro's new mango Frooti

Parle Agro, a Rs.600 crores food and beverage company, has introduced a fresh new packaging for Frooti – India’s largest selling mango drink. The new packaging includes an updated color palette and improved graphics.

Frooti has been one of my favorite drinks since school days. During that time, it used to come in this dark green and yellow, almost squarish type of package that made it stand out from all the other beverages on the shelf. It was small, highly desirable and tasted delicious. Its been a long journey for Frooti since, and the brand seems to be keeping up with the times.

The mango at the centre of the new package sports a headset, presumably as a sign of today’s iPod generation who are extremely mobile and connected. I don’t know why, but there seems to be a clever uncanny resemblance with the Apple brand – notice the mango curve on the right along with the positioning of the leaf. I can’t help but draw parallels with Apple iTunes for some strange reason.

Frooti available in tetrapak and PET bottles

Frooti is available in 65ml and 200ml TetraPaks. Also available in PET bottles of 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 1500ml.

Somehow the lighter yellow shade of the new packaging gives the impression of a citrus drink (lemonade) instead of mango. On the positive side, the Frooti typeface seems to have had a minor refinement giving it a more three dimensional feel with its subtle drop shadow.

In terms of taste, its been more or less the same for the past couple of years. I remember relishing the true taste of mango in Frooti more than a decade ago. Unfortunately, at times I get an artificial taste if not chilled properly. The price of the new Frooti has also increased by 20%. The new drink now retails at Rs.12. Its a clear sign to compete with the other mango drinks from Real and Tropicana which retail at about Rs.15. It would be interesting to see how Parle Agro can capitalize and gain marketshare with the new packaging of its most valuable beverage brand.