Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par is a story about a dyslexic child and the problems he faces at school and at home. The movie marks the debut of Aamir Khan as a director who has, in my opinion, turned out to be one of the finest filmmakers in India today. The film is beautifully crafted with wonderful visuals and a background score that grows on you as the story unfolds. What I like best about the movie is the way the story was told without being overly melodramatic. I’ve watched the movie thrice since its release and every time it was difficult for me to not have my eyes moisten during the song his parents leave him at the boarding school.

At some level, there is a sort of connect that you make with Ishaan, the protagonist. I was reminded of my childhood especially during the scene where he is looking out of the classroom window and was punished for not paying attention. I’ve had a very similar experience and to this day, I loathe the teacher who beat the hell out of me for that. I also loved the scene where Ishaan’s mom tries to get him ready for school. Every frame of that sequence was something that I’ve seen happen everyday at home between my mom and my kid brother. It was pure nostalgia and I’ve made my parents go and watch the movie for this.

The movie is also special in a way, because its probably one of the first mainstream films in Indian cimema to feature an animation sequence as part of its story. Both the animations in the movie were produced by NID alumni and it was certainly delightful for all of us here in campus to note how wonderfully they’ve been integrated in the movie. The title ‘claymation’ was directed by Dhimant Vyas and the ‘3×9’ sequence was directed by Vaibhav Kumaresh. Vaibhav is the creator of the famous ‘Simpu’ series on Channel V. Fortunately, he happened to be in campus during the film’s release and I did take the opportunity to have a talk with him about the whole experience of working on the film. It was a fun session that we had with him which I will post shortly.

The movie is a masterpiece and one, I’m certain, will strike a chord with anyone who watches it. If you haven’t watched it already, I urge you to; and do take your parents/kids along with you.

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