Amazon launches MP3 music downloads.


India wins the T20 world cup

I’ve begun to like watching cricket all over again. The last time I watched the sport was back in 2000 sometime during the match-fixing scandals. I was completely let down by the turn of events then that I vowed never to watch it again. That was then.

This evening’s India-Pakistan’s Twenty20 final at South Africa changed all that. Perhaps it has partly got to do with the environment I watched the match in. The student council here at NID had organized a neat projection system at the mess. The large screen with a good crowd bought in the added excitement in watching the action. Never had I seen a crowd that was so charged during a game, like today. Every ball was cheered and watched with anticipation for a stroke of something exciting. It was fantastic.

I think the T20 format is quite an interesting concept. Its an attractive option for attention deficit folks like me, who’d want to know the results soon. I’d like to call the T20 as ‘cricket with constraints’. As in design, when you have to deal with constraints – you are pushed to be creative. Thats when you are forced to make better use of time and resources available to you. Twenty 20, I feel is something like that. Its brings out the best in players as everyone is forced to perform in such a short span of time. Certainly, less is more!

Whether we are seeking a mate or sizing up a potential rival, good-looking people capture our attention nearly instantaneously and render us temporarily helpless to turn our eyes away from them, according to a new Florida State University study.


Imagine a company that gave you absolute freedom to do what you want – you determine your salary, your boss, what you wear to work and also your work timings. There are no fancy titles like General Managers, Vice Presidents, etc. Sounds too good to be true? Well thats what SEMCO SA is all about.

Ricardo Semler is the CEO and majority stake holder of SEMCO SA, a Brazilian organization known for its radical management structure and industrial democracy. SEMCO religiously follows a democratic work atmosphere with very few management levels. Its not surprising then, that SEMCO is one of the most profitable and admired companies in Brazil today and Ricardo is often considered to be amongst the top management thinkers in the world. Semler’s book – Maverick tells you about all this and more.

The basic premise of the book is about empowerment. When you empower people to take their own decisions and give them absolute freedom and responsibility for their work, they will almost always deliver the best. One of the best lines from the book, that captures its essence is as follows –

To survive in modern times, a company must have an organizational structure that accepts change as its basic premise, lets tribal customs thrive, and fosters a power that is derived from respect, not rules. In other words, the successful companies will be the ones that put quality of life first. Do this and the rest – quality of product, productivity of workers, profits for all – will follow.

A truly inspiring read and one that I would recommend to all the “bosses” out there.

Cottyn is a new t-shirt site. Looks promising!
The story of how Mark Zuckerberg – the Facebook whiz kid, turned down $1 billion from Yahoo to pursue his own vision. Today, Facebook is worth five times that figure.
SPICMACAY Ahmedabad organised a kathakali classical dance by Guru Kalamandalam Gopi. This photo documentary shows the behind the scenes work on the time consuming preparation the artist has to made before each event.
A different kind of personal computer. “If you’re content with Windows Vista, fine – but you’re doing yourself a tremendous disservice by dismissing Mac OS X because it doesn’t work the same way.”
New iPods are gonna be out soon.

The End is where it all begins
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