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I'm a graduate student at NID and have an addiction for internet & mobile applications. In here, you will find me sharing my thoughts on things I find interesting and worth talking about, apart from links to some of the goodness on the web.


Helvetica Film Limited Edition Blu-ray http://t.co/QqXfFpFe

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Ernst Benz by John Varvatos Chronoscope

Ernst Benz by John Varvatos Chronoscope
  Blue SkyBlue SkyShenzhen-119Shenzhen-118Shenzhen-111Shenzhen-112Shenzhen-121

The Notebook

Chrome – Gmail Notification NEW

Chrome v10 has this subtle new email notification for Gmail which I found to be particularly interesting. I haven't found any resource online regarding this behavior, so decided to post it here. I'm curious - is there any API to do this?

March 9th 2011 No cmnts


Designers should be arbiters of the truth: They should be the kind of people who stand up and tell it like it is, and that usually calls for courage. Kevin Mattice on how its incumbent on designers to stand up against evil.

Dan Mall on how to draw inspiration for interfaces from the type you choose to use.

Note and Point is a nice design inspiration gallery for people making Keynote/Powerpoint presentations.

In 100,000 users and so can you, Spencer Fry talks about the history of carbonmade and how its come a long way for a non-funded company. Inspiring indeed!

Photographer Peter Belanger demonstrates the process that goes into making the cover of MacWorld magazine with a captivating time-lapse video.